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Hey Megs ❤

So first let me say if you are getting married CONFABULATIONS! Hugs, Kisses, Love, Best Wishes and YAY!

Now let’s talk shop. Most of us today pay for our own weddings and it is a booming business! How do you cut costs when you have a laundry list as long as Santa’s Naught List? Well, I have two-fer lol you can Upcycle and be FABULOUS!

Wedding Center Pieces are beautiful ways to set ambiance and give people who don’t know each other something to talk about 😉 Here is an awesome and eye catching way to use tin cans to dress up your tables. tin-can-DIYs3.jpg

You can use paint, ribbon, burlap, paper, lace a combination of all and more to make your centerpiece unique to your wedding.

You can have different size tin cans or different colors etc. and all you need to make this possible are tin cans (hit up the friends and family and tell them to wash and save them for you) time and theme/idea!

This picture comes from a great website on and the article is on how to have a wedding for $7,000! Here’s the link

I just love the couple’s wedding that is featured, it is absolutely lovely to see how they made this wedding so chic and fabulous!

Here are some more fabulous pics from their site on how to use tin cans at your wedding! I love those BOOTS!

Now let’s take a look at how we get our guests to the right tables!69b3285aa28f39bc36d96c6ffde7f1ea I love using tin cans on the table as an addition to your centerpiece by having them be utilize in such and illuminating way it really makes a statement.

*Please note that it is sometimes best to use those little LED candles rather than real candles as those tins can get pretty HOT!

Okay let’s take a look!I love how they painted the inside of the tin can, using a LED light in there would look so beautiful!

I bet that when the lights are turned down low or when the sunsets this will make your guests ‘ooooh and ahhhhh’!

For step by step instructions click on this link

Let’s talk favors, I saw this and I really just fell in LOVE! I never thought of using tin cans this way and now that I have seen this I am going to do this for any occasion I can (maybe with herbs instead 🙂 )!

So what am I so in love with? Using  tin cans and upcycle them into favors for your guests! They can also do a two-fer and act as a table guide!!!!  I have an herbal garden so those of you who planted mint (you know how it grows and grows!) can use it as a wedding favor!

Click this link to website to see what I am talking about!!!

Last but not least you need those cans tied to the back of your car. Now I have an idea for this one that I haven’t seen anywhere else… 08e22e9b5aa6bb966f1b859951c39ae8Send your guests a tin can and have then decorate it with well wishes for you and your ‘to be’!

This would also make a beautiful keep sake for your children, art for your wall or anniversary nostalgia! I found this cute pic of the tins on

I have to say that I love seeing tin cans and the Just Married” sign on a car. I love to honk and wave as my way to wish the special couple a long healthy marriage – I know aaaaaaaawwwww right. I admit it I am sappy but I LOVE being sappy it make me happy!

Well Megs, tell me if you like the idea of using the tin cans and sending them out to your guests or if any of the ideas here you have used! Oh and as always share any new and FABULOUS ways that we can use tin cans!

For more Upcycle ideas you can follow me on pinterest 😉

Mrs Nutmeg

X ❤ X ❤

“Crafty, Thrifty and FABULOUS, It’s the Spice of Life!”



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