Quick & Easy Easter Upcycle Ideas!

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Hey Megs,

fc22f435c314bb4f9e9730b7e88f5799We all know that tomorrow the Easter Bunny will be arriving bright an early. If you are on a budget or need some cute ideas for those baskets look no further! I have the some quick, easy and adorable ways to up-cycle everyday items that will have that basket looking FABULOUS in no time.

Do you have any containers around the house that you can jazz up? These cute jars don’t take Picasso to make them look fabulous. You can add some jelly beans or M&M – YUMMY.

The best part is after you are done you can totally save and re-use them for next year or decoration around the house.

Check out this awesome site for more Easter jar ideas mumsmakelists.com

Okay so it’s not wise for every child to have a glass jar – yep you know all the glass and such probably not a good idea but I have found a solution! It’s quick it’s easy and you probably have all that you need sitting right at home!!!

You want a cute little bunny for your basket you say? Well, say no more lolz. I found this video on youtube.com and I just loved it – oh and I was totally jazzin to the background music… you’ll see!

Or maybe you fancy a no sew owl for that cute basket? Yup I have found a quick DIY for that too!

You can also check out my last post on how to up-cycle bottle and there you will find other ideas for Easter!

Now for all my coloring book fans out there (yes I love ❤ Crayola Crayons!)  you can google Easter Bunny coloring pages and print them out to make a little coloring book to add to your DIY Easter basket. easter bunny color

So have funny and Hop On!

Mrs Nutmeg


“Crafty, Thrifty and FABULOUS, It’s the Spice of Life!”





2 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Easter Upcycle Ideas!

    samy said:
    March 19, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    How about buy those fake Chinese Eggs and just recycle every year. LOL


    samy said:
    March 19, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    How about buy these Chinese fake eggs and use ’em every Easter!


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