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Hey Megs,

So in a nutshell here is my first and ONLY experience with PayPal:

Shame on you PayPal

Utilizing the preferred vendor that PayPal recommended I sent my package. While on the delivery site there was no $ value calculated for shipping. I printed out the label and received an email confirmation of the transaction detail.

No where in the email was there any dollar amount stated. I sent the package today and when I logged into my PayPal account I noticed I was charged $10.77 for an item that weighs less than 2oz. and was never, at any point notified that the item I was shipping (valued at $10.99) would cost 100% of the profit – this includes the additional surcharges for using Paypal which I was aware of.



I called customer service to figure out if there was an error. I was told that there was no error and that there was nothing they could do. I asked for my account to be closed and was told that I could not close my account because there was a $.27 balance and I would have to pay an additional $1.50 for them to cut a check for the $.27!

I then asked to speak with a Manager, Fred, who agreed to close my account however PayPal had to keep my $.27.

I asked to receive and email confirmation of the account being closed as well as an email confirming that they kept the balance. Which I did receive.

I am requesting that PayPal do the right thing and refund the $10.77 and the balance the kept. I will donate this to the VA hospital as some good should come out of this.

The way to send a message to any company is to take your business elsewhere.

A first and only one time customer


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