What is Upcycling?

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Hey Megs,

So to me up-cycling is just a fancy pants way of saying re-purposing… but I like being fancy pants so I’ll use it. Why am I passionate about it? Well, for those of us that are crafty, artsy or just FAAAAAABULOUS it’s a great way to save money, spread some joy, save one more item from ending up in a trash heap and let’s us use the magic of our imaginations!

Another reason why I love up-cycling is that sometimes I come up with something soooo fabulous that I just have to gift it, or sell it, or display it, or blog about it lol! Now that being said up-cycling does not just pertain to bought items, they can be found items, items in nature, gifted items etc. As we all know some of the best things in life are FREE!

And the last reason I up-cycle is the pure joy of being able to go back in time and be a kid again; looking at an object and using my imagination! Ever seen a pair of old shoes and thought “that would make a perfect planter for my succulents!”? No? Well you have come to the right spot to get those creative juices flowing and if you said yes, can we be friends please lolz!

Seriously though and I mean this in the most sincere ‘It’s my birthday and I’m turning one and I get to have CAKE’ kind of joy – LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!!!!

Me on my first birthday
Me on my 1st birthday with my mom



Mrs Nutmeg


“Crafty, Thrifty, FABULOUS, It’s the Spice of Life!”




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