Help Save the Planet & Make Money!

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Hey Megs,

Those of you that know me know that I am one crafty nut and love the outdoors. So the other day when I was writing about possible uses for the plastic milk jugs I got to thinking… what other fabulous ways can we be Crafty, Thrifty and Fabulous?

Well, I found some great ways to use those 16 oz. bottles! Fun ways to celebrate spring, nature and the outdoors but also great ideas for those rainy days  with the kids… and for my crafty nuts (me included!) there are some great ways to possible earn a little extra $$$ or just have fun creating so that you can use your creations to store your paint brushes, scissors, stamps, ribbon ends! eb0471a257ae22f56d38390cecdce84a

First up comes from; I absolutely love hummingbirds, they are one of natures miracles! So, why not use those bottle to feed these wondrous creatures and enjoy them at the same time? You can place this outside your window, in your garden or if you live in apartment on your patio/balcony!

Look how cute this lil’ gal is! An added benefit is that you can feel good knowing that this beauties are getting a nice sweet treat from something that most people look at and throw away!fc761019373890f0b609b4178a60c404

Here is another clever and bird friendly way to make use out of those bottles – use them as bird feeders! This is a great way to engage children on why it is important to re-cycle and conserve our resources and still have fun at the same time. Now please folks remember to use Non-Toxic paints as we want to ensure our feathered friends enjoy their feeders.

You can find more information on as well as other great uses and ideas for upcycling items! It’s such a great resource and for those with kids on vacation a great place to find ideas on utilizing every day plastics in a new and inventive way!

I could also TOTALLY see this as a fairy house hanging from the trees or place amongst the garden! Children love to hear of elves and fairies – all magical beings and this is a great way to keep the magic alive! And for those of us who still believe it’s also a great DIY project for dressing up the garden and being eco-friendly!

I am putting this one on my bucket list of items to accomplish this spring! Save those bottles Megs!

Now for those of you who live in apartments or shared spaces where there isn’t a backyard or a lot of outdoor space you can still bring the outdoors in and benefit you and family/friends! I came across this next item and I thought GENIUS! How clever!!! Why didn’t I think of that! lolz


Using a bottle cut into 2 pieces down the middle as a means to grow herbs or small plants at home. Parsley, Basil, Dill and Cilantro come to mind and I bet they would be great to grow in these. And for my Meg Foodies (SHOUT OUT)  out there this is a fabulous way to get fresh herbs whenever you need them!

You can put these on your windowsill, hang them in a row where there is natural sunlight or put them on the balcony patrician (so it’s safe from the wind) and have your own little oasis! This is also a great way to plant plants without having to go out and buy a new container. You also get 2 for the price of one (had to put that in there lolz)!

Again, this is another kid friendly way to introduce them into conservation, life cycle of plants and the added benefit of them being excited to watch it grow. Just be sure that you either use kid friendly scissors or and adult does the cutting of the bottle (the latter is probably a safer bet).

This is also a FABULOUS idea for Teachers, use this instead of buying those styrofoam  cups – besides you can’t see anything in those!!! This will allow the kids to see the inner workings of the plant and its roots :). You could always designate one child each week to be responsible for the plants care – kids love doing stuff like this (I know I did). You can find more information at

Another item going on the bucket list for this summer!

Okay, so I am really, really digging this next item! This is great for just about everyone, folks selling on Etsy, kids home on break, Teachers who need an awesome craft idea or if you are like me someone who loves to add their imagination into their work! I found two sites with similar ideas but they are just too fabulous so I am going to share them both!

Remember that Pepe Le Pew? pepeRemember those cute little hearts that he would emote? Well that’s exactly how I felt when I saw these DIY containers!! I just LOVE them (Pepe Le Pew style lol)!!!

Check them OUT!!!!

1a2b9fd8872ecc91012ddd74aa4ef1a0Now this first one come from a site called and it essentially advocating what to do with those everyday items that we often throw away; shampoo & conditioners, dish soap etc.

I just get a kick out of the googly eyes!!! This is a great project for anytime and best of all you are re-purposing it into something that you will actually want to put on your desk, night stand, kitchen counter etc. to display you or your child’s artwork.

Now drum roll please….. loooook! When I saw this I thought omg this is a fabulous idea for not just storage but Easter is right around the corner and you know what that means… baskets – well you can have fun and personalize this to make it your own. This lovely gem comes from a site called

637fe73c9a8515de3d754463e3b22ad3     Etsy crafters – this is a FABULOUS!!! (yes I use that word a lot) idea! Think of it – you can make these and have folks personalize their children or loved one’s name for Easter and it gets even better – you can still use this anytime of the year because we all know that we love anything with our names on it lol!

I be these beauties are pretty easy to make only thing it’ll take is some bottles! (well and paint, a paint brush but hey it’s still awesome!) I bet you can come up with all sorts of unique and fun characters!

So Megs, when you are out and about and see that plastic bottle on the ground pick it up, who knows where your imagination will take you and mother earth will thank you (and so will I 😉 ).

Post any suggestions or ways that you have repurposed bottles in the comments below! I love hearing from you all!

Mrs Nutmeg


“Crafty, Thrifty and Fabulous, It’s the Spice of Life!”




5 thoughts on “Help Save the Planet & Make Money!

    samy s said:
    March 16, 2016 at 6:43 pm

    Great stuff, keep em coming. My wife uses those water bottles as fillers in large pots to keep them light an manageable. She got green thumbs. She got them making goodies for … Happy St Paddy’s day 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      mrsnutmeg responded:
      March 16, 2016 at 6:54 pm

      Great idea! Using plastic bottles as filler and not having to use that much soil and allowing the water to drain out! Meg Approved lolz!


    Easter Upcycle Ideas in a Pinch! | Mrs Nutmeg said:
    March 19, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    […] Great Way to Save the Planet and Make Money! […]


    Definitely a great way to help birds and repurpose – love this idea!


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