Thrifty Nifty Fabulous Up-Cycles

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Hey Megs ❤

So as I was quickly (lol ya riiiight) perusing through and I came across this awesome website that has TONS of great ideas on recycling and up-cycle every day items and more! The stuff on this site really made me think about things I have at home – check this pic out and the website!


Now how many of us are looking at this pic and thinking – OMG what a FABULOUS IDEA!!! I am totally digging this idea! or Wow I didn’t even think of that but it’s FABULOUS! Yep I am think ALL those things :). So, all I have to say is watch out folks I might just be asking you for your finished Coffee Mate containers!!! LOL

This also is a great idea for when milk goes bad… ewwwww i know right? BUT think about how useful that jug can be! After you clean it that is!

> You can re-purpose it by painting or modge podging it into a piggy bank. I bet the kiddos would LOOOOOVE this idea!

>You could use it to keep lint from the dryer – yes I said it and those of us campers know that this makes a FABULOUS  fire starter for your camp fire.

>You could even Up-cycle the gallon and make it into a ‘Love Note by the Gallon’ (yes I just made that up lol)  by placing notes into it throughout the year and opening it on a specific date. I really like this one!

.>You could pass it around in class and have each kid put a goal in it for the year and at the end of the year have the kids look back on it! Oh I am so doing this even though I am not a teacher!

>You could put in inspirational, thoughtful or creative ideas and when you need to get those juices flowing pop them out! Ever have a great idea or thought and think oh I’ll right it down later – well this may help with that! Or even help with writers block!

Megs, I am telling you this pic just got all my creative juices going…. think about all those 16 oz. plastic bottles that we use!

You can use them to store:

  • baby wipes
  • kids paints
  • those broken crayons (you know for when you get around to melting them down and making them into a fabulously BIG crayon for the kids)

Woah! I think I need to take a moment now and brrrreeeeaaaathe! The inspiration is flowing through this noggin lol!

Well Megs, share in the comments below your nifty ideas; I’d love to hear how fabulously creative you all are!

Mrs Nutmeg



“Crafty, Thrifty and Fabulous, It’s the Spice of Life!”



3 thoughts on “ Thrifty Nifty Fabulous Up-Cycles

    samy said:
    March 15, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    … like take an empty toilet paper tube, jazz it up or not, and store your electronic cords and cables in it.

    Liked by 1 person

      mrsnutmeg responded:
      March 15, 2016 at 3:14 pm

      I love that idea!!! You could paint the tube, or wrap it in scrap fabric / shirt! Thanks Samy ❤ Mrs Nutmeg


    […] Thrifty Nifty Fabulous Up-Cycles […]


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