Wild Rose Bramble

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Hey Megs!

Can you believe that our lovely (and I mean that sincerely) gardener wanted to tear up our wild roses!?! Well, I can see why as they do need to be cut back as they are taking over the yard lol. However, tearing wild rosethem out… nope!  There is so much that this lovely wild plant gives.

I am not sure if you all know about the uses of wild roses and their are many seeing how this lovely thorny bush/vine has been around for a very long  while! This lovely plant is associated with the moon and she is also associated with Venus (for her lovely flowers) and Mars (for her prickly thorns).

It is said that rose hips have been used to treat arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, menstrual cramping, varicose veins, and bladder or urinary irritations. It also strengthens capillaries and treat, regulates blood circulation and relieves teething problems in infants. These rose hips are usually found late summer early fall once the pretty pink and white flowers have bloomed.

Sacred Holidays of the Rose: Imbolc, Beltane and Samhain and especially the life passages that a mother would be involved in: weddings, births, first blood & croning.

I do have some 1 oz. wild rose bramble (i.e. cut pieces of vine)  for 10.99 which also includes shipping! Please note that there is limited quantity so it is first come first serve! (shipping to continental U.S. included)

Bramble No Longer Available

I found an excellent article on this  magical plant if you would like to learn more about how many wonderful uses this plant has.

*Please note that I do not claim any medicinal uses for this plant; please seek advise from your doctor*


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