DIY Easy Tablerunner

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DIY Table Runner
DIY Table Runner

Hi all! So going along with the tablescape theme I decided this would be a perfect time to share what I learned from Mrs. Tammy at my quilting class Stitched in Stone which is the easiest table runner I have ever learned how to make! I think it is called something like the 10 or 20 min table runner but I will have to check back with Mrs. Tammy on that :).

Now this project is PERFECT not only for making for your own home but also making as a quick gift! There are so many coordinating fabric combinations that you could make one for most everyone on your holiday/birthday/baby shower/wedding etc list!

So for this easy project you will need the following:

  • Fabric
    • 1/3 yard of decorative fabric (12 inches = 1/3 yard)
    • 1/2 yard of the back side of fabric (18 inches = 1/2 yard)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread (as you know by now I am a fan of Gutermann 😉 )
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or Rotary cutter
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Starch (optional but it sure does make things crisp)
  • Embellishments, buttons, ribbon, lace, tassels, etc. (optional)

Step 1 Square Off:

Square off fabric
Square off fabric

Make sure that you square up your fabric so that when you are sewing you aren’t sewing crooked seams! Square off each of the two fabrics before you begin and once finished go over to the ironing board. Make sure that iron is HOT HOT HOT and spritz spritz spritz that fabric with starch!

Step 2 Sew me Up!:

Match up right sides together and use a quarter inch seam
Match up right sides together and use a quarter inch seam

Now that you have your fabric wrinkle free take the fabric and match it lengthwise; match one side and sew down the length of the fabric using a quarter inch seam. Once one side has been completed do the same on the other side.

Step 3 Press me:

Now remember when I said that iron should be hot well thank goodness I did because we are now heading over to the ironing board and ironing seam toward the decorative/front print. Do this for each seam then turn the fabric right side out. Okay, so use this as an opportunity to make sure that the ‘borders’ which in this case is the backing are even. Looking good I bet… iron the fabric and spritz spritz spritz.

Press seam towards the decorative fabric
Press seam towards the decorative fabric

Step 4 Bottoms Up!:

Fold fabric so that the back fabric are right sides together
Fold fabric so that the back fabric are right sides together

Hop on back to that sewing machine and take the fabric and fold the back ends so that they are right sides together. Make sure that the borders line up so the finished product is nice and neat buuuuuut if you happen to be like me I do have a great way to hide those mistakes (I have you covered!). Do this to each side – bottom side I mean lol and then flip each of the bottoms right side out so that you will see a point at each end.

Flip out the bottom pieces and gently push out the tip
Flip out the bottom pieces and gently push out the tip

Step 5 Beautify!:

Bling Bling
Bling Bling

Now this step is optional however if you like to dazzle or bling bling or just want to cover up seams that don’t line up I highly recommend this. You can use a variety of items to make your table runner unique buttons, ric rac, tassels, lace etc.

Admire your handy work!
Admire your handy work!

Well how was that for fast? It makes the perfect gift, tablescape, wedding goodies or just a great way to use those fabric scraps! And for those of you that are just beginning to sew this is a perfect project!

Mrs Nutmeg



2 thoughts on “DIY Easy Tablerunner

    Norma said:
    November 6, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    Mrs. Nutmeg!
    Aaaww…The colors you choose for your Tablerunner are coordinated beautifully! I am sooo excited to have found your site. I am a Massage Therapist…when my table is not in use, I plan to make a fabulous tablerunner…Thank you!

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