mrsnutmeg.com welcomes you!!!


I am glad that you have decided to stop by and take a peek! What you will find here are crafts, sewing, painting, etc. tutorials; essentially great ideas to either follow along with or get inspired to get those juices flowing!

I focus on the ability to re-use / upcycle items and make something new and useful out of them. Although if there is sometmrsnutmeg.comhing great that pop’s into this head I’ll be sure and post! Below you will find additional links to where you can also check us out and see what we are up to at the moment 🙂

And yes that pic really is me and my mom on my 1st birthday!

Mrs Nutmeg

X ❤ X ❤

“Crafty, Thrifty and FABULOUS, It’s the Spice of Life!”
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One thought on “Home

    mrsnutmeg responded:
    November 3, 2015 at 8:16 pm

    I focus on trying to re-use what I have available to make something absolutely fabulous.


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